1. Evening with friends by letshaveadrinkk

  3. Spicy Shrimp Roll by Melanie A.

  4. tefgraph:

    idreamofsushi ILLUSTRATION IN PROGRESS made for www.smolestudio.com

    This is too cute!


  5. crooks-lovers:

    sushi is the cheapest and healthiest fastfood you can get in newyork.

    I know where I need to move next then.

  6. tefgraph:

    idreamofsushi sometimes I make sushi, sometimes I work^^

    ILLUSTRATION made for www.smolestudio.com

    A man of many talents!


  7. As you pulled out the container of gas station sushi from the refrigerator, you realized just how low you’d sunk. For one, the phrase gas station sushi just existed as something other than a joke. Your fridge didn’t even have a light bulb anymore, you’d smashed it at some point and couldn’t afford…

    Check out this writer’s short story!


  8. strandsofmelody said: I'm looking up recipes to make kani salad and satisfy my addiction. I can't stop looking at pictures.

    Never look away! It would make me sad.


  9. heartless-affection said: I always want sushi. Always. 24/7. But the sad truth is that I don't have money to fulfill my cravings... :(

    I feel your pain! I think we all do.

  10. by Meli T.


  11. Anonymous said: What are some of your favorite sushi rolls w/ sauce?

    Volcano Roll when I want something with a little spice and I finally tried eel sauce thanks to a few of you guys, and I really liked it!

  12. It’s always at the precise moment that I try to do something that my roommate’s cat decides he wants attention. Typical.

  15. Black Dragon Roll by damnnlyssa