1. Angel Roll by Ryan P.

  2. Fulin’s Asian Cuisine


  3. liza-land said: Craving food is based on deficiencies. That's why starving children eat dirt, they are deficient in iron & dirt has iron in it. Sushi is full of vitamin A & C, protein, iron & more. Sushi is highly nutritious, making it highly crave-able.

    Well there you go! Someone that has actual facts ha ha. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Anonymous said: I continuosly crave sushi - do my body 'lacks' something or is it that I just really like sushi a lot and I always want it? lol

    Yes, you’re lacking more sushi!! It’s one of the main food groups, didn’t ya know? ;)

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  6. Fulin’s Asian Cuisine

  7. Fulin’s Asian Cuisine


  8. shake-it-off-89 said: This is the most beautiful blog I've ever come across. Bless you.

    Omg thank you! That’s so nice to say. ☺️

  9. by Danielle M.

  10. How-To Make An Inside-Out California Roll

    For the anon! Short and simple video tutorial. Hope this helps!

  12. by Nicholas P.

  13. by Kiran G.

  14. by Ashley T.