1. Watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi at 3am because I enjoy torturing myself.

  2. Albacore Sushi by Allison B.


  3. girl-garbage:

    My tummy is happy and full of sushi🍣🍙😊

    Mine is too! :)

  4. Had some sushi for dinner tonight with the roommate! Fire Mountain Roll / Rainbow Roll / Volcano Roll / Honada Roll


  6. kokyu-ryujomaru said: I am both in love with and absolutely hate your blog. I love it because sushi is amazing (learning how to make it myself). I hate it because it makes me hungry for it and I dont have money for it.

    That’s the same love/hate relationship I have with my own blog!

  7. Havana Roll by Steven C.


  8. Anonymous said: I would like to point out the anon is mad at sushi??? You must live a hard life if you're angry with sushi.

    It is a hard life with no sushi in it.


  9. Anonymous said: sushi is dumb and so are all of you people, especially the person running this dumb blog

    No worries, anon, they’re not following you. I have lovely followers, thank you. Hope you have a good night! :)

  10. (Source: paintabalance)


  11. Anonymous said: its literally crusty seaweed and raw fish you're giving yourself mercury poisoning good job

    Gotta die somehow!


  12. Anonymous said: sushi is gross

    Oh bother.

  13. by Cynthia T.

  14. heytiffanybee:

    Sushi dinner at IKEDA. Be sure to follow idreamofsushi for more mouthwatering photos of sushi!

    Uh yeah, follow me!! ;)

  15. by Janice Y. at Wild Ginger.